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Special Event


• August 2, 2024

• STARTS: 6pm (Doors open)

• Film Showing: 7pm, and discussion immediately after

• ENDS: 9pm


• Address: 4537 Wayne Avenue, Suite 202 Philadelphia, PA 19144

• Location: White building located on the corner of Wayne & Apsley, with the parking lot entrance on Apsley Street

• Parking: Lot available for guest parking. There is also street parking available when the parking lot becomes full.

Through this event, we hope to show support and offer resources to aspiring Black nurses, and current Black nurses within the PA, NJ, and DE areas.

If you're unable to attend, you may still purchase a ticket. That ticket will be given as a donation for a student nurse to attend this event for free.




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Transition Consulting Program

Are you seeking assistance with advancing to the next phase of your nursing career?

Course Breakdown:

Week 1- State Your Professional Goal:

Explore how this role assesses, plans, coordinates, and/or evaluates care across settings to improve patient outcomes and experiences.

Week 2- System Impact:

Learn how your ideal role functions across providers and clinical settings.

Week 3- Strengthen Skills:

Define how to strengthen communication, collaboration, and advocacy skills.

Learn diverse ways to work with patients, families, social workers, and other healthcare professionals.

Week 4- Educational Opportunities:

Gain support with educational programs or certifications related to healthcare.

Understand the principles and practices specific to this field.

Week 5- Embrace Technology:

Familiarize yourself with healthcare technology used.

(Ex. Electronic health records, databases, and telehealth systems.)

Week 6- Prepare Mentally and Emotionally:

Identify challenges with transitioning roles within the nursing profession, and throughout the healthcare industry.

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I hold a master's degree in nursing education, and I am also a certified Clinical Documentation Integrity Practitioner and Risk Adjustment Coder.  Before transitioning to Health Information Management (HIM), I worked as a nurse instructor, preparing pre-licensure nurses to enter the nursing workforce. Nevertheless, the majority of my nursing career, spanning over 13 years, has been dedicated to case management, population health, and community-based care.

As a professional in HIM, my expertise lies in verifying the accuracy and quality of clinical documentation and examining health data for  clinical validation. Possessing a meticulous attention to detail and a comprehensive understanding of value-based care models, I work alongside patient care teams to maintain clinical documentation standards and adhere to CMS guidelines.

My expertise encompasses utilizing analytical insights, presentation abilities, and clinical acumen to improve the implementation of risk adjustment strategies and initiatives. In my capacity as an analyst and leader within a value-based care program at a prominent health insurance provider, I developed strategies to assess the impact and quality of care coordination services provided to high-risk members and caregivers. Additionally, I am an author with publications to my name and serve as an educational consultant, offering guidance to nurses seeking to enter the field of HIM.